Distribution Strategy

Once you have gone through the process of getting your product designed, prototyped, tested, patented and manufactured, you now have to get it distributed.

This is a key area often underestimated. To get shelf space on in a major retailer is extremely difficult, especially if you have decided to manufacture yourself as opposed to licence it to a known brand.

You are not only competing with whoever the market leader is in your industry, but with thousands of other start up ideas. No doubt you think your product is the best, but so do all the others!

Distributing your product online is an option, but is not easy. Getting traffic to your product, whether it’s a dedicated site or on a marketplace site (Amazon or eBay for example) means you are competing with the rest of the internet, not just your own category.  Getting traffic to the site is only a part of the process, the customer needs to have trust in you and what you are selling.

How do you achieve that?

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