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Easytool 360 Replacement Brushes

Easytool DIY Products

Over the last ten years, we have developed a number of our own products under our Easytool brand. Paul Walsh our engineering consultant invented the products, and  we developed them from the initial idea to finished product on the market shelf.

360 Painting Products

Paul had the idea for the 360 Paint Roller one day while out of a walk. On his route, a painter was just starting on a 250 metre section of railing. Paul asked how long it was going to take to paint it, ‘weeks’ was the answer!

By the time he was back from his walk, he had the basic product idea. That evening he did the initial design and by the morning his first 3D printed prototype was ready.

Through our existing network contacts, we quickly had a product model ready and a manufacturing partner. We developed the brand in-house, including the logo design.  We launched it at the 2016 Las Vegas Hardware Show. The range is now available in retailers in Ireland, UK, Canada and Scandinavia. Recently, we signed a global sales partnership agreement with a major paint brand.

The range has since been developed further and now the Easytool 360 family includes the following:

    • Easytool 360 Paintroller
    • Easytool 360 Replacement Rollers
    • Easytool 360 Wirebrush
    • Easytool 360 Replacement Brushes

All items can be purchased from the Easytool website. Click on the button below:

Product Roadmap:

In addition to the above, we have an innovative new product in the pipeline – the Easytool 360 Ceiling Painter.

We have secured a major USA brand to partner on the project and we are currently at user testing phase.

We hope to have this product on the shelf by spring 2018.

PiP iT

Ollie Walsh, who is a member of our strategy team, is the CEO of PiP iT. This is an innovative payments product company who have developed the world’s first Digital Cash Collection Platform. This enables consumes load cash onto eWallets and into online banks, but also to pay for international bills and pay for online orders in cash.

We provided consultancy in terms of finance and product development.

More information on PiPiT services can be found on the website click here

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