Have you an idea for a new product but you don’t know how to develop it?

Have you made your own prototype but don’t know where to go from here?

Have you looked into patents and realised what a maze it is?

Have you developed your product for sale in you local market, but now you want to expand locally or internationally and don’t know where to start?

Invention Services are here to help you solve these problems.

Our core team can consult and advise on engineering, business, marketing, distribution, finance for your product. With our extended team we can also provide legal services, patent advice prototype development, product testing, etc to make your product a reality.

Making a product a reality though, is only the first step. Then you have to get it to a customer. Does your product have local or regional appeal, or does it have global potential?

We can provide you with some or all of these services, based on what you require. We can work with you to help you develop your product, or we can become the driving force on the project.

We provide these services on a consultancy or on an equity basis.

We are also partnered with industry leaders in the maunfacturing and distribution of products in the hardware and sports industries. In Februray we were appointed European Strategic Partners for New Product Develpment by Hangzhou Great Star Industries who are the global number four in the tool and hardware industry. Click here for more information

In recent years, our core team have developed a range of our own products in the sports and hardware markets and we have also worked with existing companies/individuals in developing their products

You can read on through this site for more information about what we do, case studies of products we have worked on and information on our team.




Invention Services have existing relationships with businesses in many sectors.